Progigger - The windows software for professional artistes.

NEWS - ProGigger has launched ProGigger for android - software for the android based phones and tablets
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ProGigger Screenshot

Are you looking for something just to play your tracks and AUTOPAUSE?


Do you also want to have the facility of using a footswitch to start the track?


Then Progigger is the software for you.


ProGigger is a piece of software to emulate the functions of the minidisk player that the performer uses on stage. You program your set list from the available tracks, with one slight difference - You can save these for later recall.

ProGigger also connects to the USB interface supplied so that you can use a foot switch to start and pause your tracks.


ProGigger plays the following - MP3 and WAV formats.



" Having used a laptop to play my tracks for the last 6 years, I can honestly say that Progigger is by far the easiest and most user friendly piece of software that I have encountered. I have always been looking for 'something better' and now I have found it. The search is over. Download it, test it and buy it. You won't be sorry! "

Danny Andrews