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If you have any queries please contact us by email info@progigger.co.uk


Does the software/hardware work on Windows Vista?
Yes, tested on 03/03/2007.

(Please disable UAC)

Which footswitch should I buy Bespeco VM20

I get a humming noise when I plug the laptop into the mixer. Try unplugging the laptop from the mains, if the hum disappears the power supply is at fault. Try a different power supply. If the hum remains, then it could be a cable fault, try a better quality cable between your sound card and the mixer. I recommend using an external USB sound card. If all else fails Google for a ground loop isolator. Maplin sell these for about £9

Can I use this software on more than one machine This software is licensed per machine and therefore you will have to purchase an additional licence if you wish to use this software on more than one machine
I am updating my laptop, can I transfer this software to the new computer Yes, but you will have to contact us for a new registration code. We record the fact that you have requested a new registration code
Windows Vista keeps saying An unidentified program wants to access your computer every time that I run Progigger. This is due to a new feature which is called User Account Control. Unfortunately, to make this an identified program to Windows Vista cost a lot of money, which would have to be passed on to the end users. To keep this software cost to a minimum we have decided not to take these steps. As a work around follow these steps: - Customizing User Account Control: Press Windows + R, enter secpol.msc and hit enter Click on Security Settings Local Policies Security Options double-click User Account Control: Behaviour of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode choose Elevate without prompting click ok
How do I record my tracks from minidisk to my laptop Audacity - Free Software
How do I balance my tracks so that they sound the same volume Try using MP3Gain, a free software