ProGigger iShow - The iPhone/iPod Touch software with AutoPause.

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The developer of ProGigger has been asked on many occasions if it was possible to have AutoPause on the iPod.  Well after hours of research and development, we have now managed to write an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application is now available on the iTunes store click here

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ProGigger iShow main screen

FAQ and Tips

1. Create your playlists in iTunes for easy recall
2. Ensure that there is at lease 0.5 seconds of blank before the start of each track
3. To clear the playlist, just exit and restart the application.
4. Turn autopause off during a song if you want the next to start immediately
5. Skip a track by pressing the next button.
6. Dont try to add tracks to the playlist during a song as this will cause a slight pause in the music.

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